Every business generates revenue from sales of products or services...

... and incurs overheads from salaries, premises, energy right down to paperclips.


Every department needs to be connected ...

Manufacturing need to know what to produce.

Purchasing need to know what to buy.

Sales need to know a price to sell at.

Marketing need to know what to promote.


As for Finance ...

Finance need to know everything:

  • What has happened?
  • What is about to happen?
  • What may possibly happen?

They need to know it is accurate and they need to know it now!


If you think spreadsheets are the answer, have you...

Shared them?

Tried protecting them?

Tried tracking the changes?

Consolidated multiple spreadsheets?

Seen a page of #value?

If the spreadsheet fails, do you fail?


Innovar are the planning experts

We implement successful planning solutions tailored to your business.

We guarantee all of our work so if you're not happy with the results, you don't pay.

Contact us today for a no obligation chat. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The planning experts at Innovar Ltd help companies improve their budgeting and forecasting accuracy and make planning easier and quicker.

Together we can implement a planning solution that works for your business


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I was introduced to Innovar via one of their Forecasting & Budgeting seminars, which I found most informative. A by-product of the seminar was to be added to their weekly Budgeting Tips. The Tips help to bring to the forefront of your mind things we all think we know already. The most evident practical result for 5N Plus UK has been to take the time to review actual performance compared to budget.

This has resulted in a new page being added to our monthly management pack with 8 graphs showing our performance against budget for different types of cost, being: Sales Volume, Total Costs, Production Labour, Production costs, Sales & Distribution Labour, Sales & Distribution Costs, Administration Labour & Administration Costs.

So no matter how much you think you know, a gentle reminder now and again is always worth it.

Gavin Baker, Finance Manager, 5N Plus UK

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