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Innovar are Anaplan accredited training partners and are proud to be the most experienced and highly rated training partner in the UK if not worldwide. Our team has delivered over 50 courses, helping over 300 delegates to become Anaplanners.

The instructor was enthusiastic about Anaplan and helped to explain how what we were doing in the training could be applied to your business. The method of delivery of the training was excellent and constantly engaging and I would definitely recommend this course, especially if led by our instructor, to any of my colleagues who were interested in learning about Anaplan. RB

97% of delegates would recommend their instructor

96% would recommend this course to a colleague in need of this information.

Survey of 28 delegates Dec 2016- Jun 2017

Summary of Anaplan Training Courses

Our Anaplan courses are split into the following sections;

102: Introduction to Model Building (Onsite or Online)

201: Intermediate Model Building

501: Anaplan End User Essentials (Onsite or Online)

502: Anaplan Extra (Onsite or Online)



Anaplan Training Course Details

102: Introduction to Model Building

Get to grips with all the core components of Anaplan and become an official Anaplanner. You will;

  • – Learn Anaplan terminology and how does it relate to your business
  • – Understand Anaplan architecture and security
  • – Gain hands on modelling experience with support from your Accredited and experienced Consultant
  • – Build core components; lists, modules, importing data with examples of how these would be used in your business
  • – How to construct formulas, Anaplan functions and best practice tips
  • – Build and integrate dashboards including grids, charts, and lists

Target Anaplan role: Administrator, Model Builder, Project leads, Project Manager, process Experts.


201: Intermediate Model Building

If you have become an Anaplannner by completing the 102 course, then this course is the next step on your Anaplan journey. In this 2-day course you will;

  • – Use model-building vocabulary as it relates to Anaplan
  • – Understand and use the various types of lists in Anaplan
  • – Read Model Maps and understand how data flows through an Anaplan model
  • – Build modules and dashboards to address bottom-up and top-down planning processes


501: Anaplan End User Essentials (Onsite or Online)

If you are not going to be an Anaplan Model Builder but you do need to know more, you may feel you would benefit from understanding in more detail how Anaplan works and its capabilities, in which case this could be the right course for you.

In this course, you will learn;

  • – The full terminology of Anaplan
  • – Anaplan Architecture
  • – Build core components (Lists, modules, dashboards)
  • – Security
  • – Anaplan supporting change in the busines


502: Anaplan Extra (Onsite or Online)

Our 1-day Anaplan Extra course covers some of important components that do not get covered on the 102 course or 201. This includes hints and tips on ;

  • – Managing data sparcity with Anaplan numbered lists
  • – The formulas an Anaplanner really needs to know and love
  • – Using Filters & Sort
  • – Advanced Dashboarding
  • – Implementation tips and tricks


If you are interested in any of our Anaplan courses then please contact us.