Free Business Planning Webinars – December 2012

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Improve your planning, gain confidence in your budgets and

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Join our series of Free Planning Webinars in December.

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If you think that the following topics would be of interest to your colleagues, then by all means forward this webpage to them. You, or they, can register for as many, or as few, webinars as are relevant.

Cloud Planning Thursday 6th December 10am
Stop worrying about: version control, upgrading, the issues of large spreadsheets, how to consolidate, sending out spreadsheets, getting them all back in (unchanged), IT and server issues. Start concentrating on the numbers instead. Take a look at planning using cloud software (Anaplan) and ditch those spreadsheets. Take a look at what planning should be like


Payroll Planning Thursday 6th December 2pm
For many organisations, this is the biggest overhead of all. Model it, track it, forecast the impact of pay-rises and do what-if-scenarios on those re-structures before they happen. Plan your increases and decreases in headcount and never be surprised again. Whether you have 100 employees or 20,000, join us to find out how to keep up with constant change in staff costs


Sales Tracking Tuesday 11th December 10am
Sales revenue is the biggest unknown in most organisations! But it isn’t completely unknown by everybody. Find out what your sales team know almost as soon as they know it. Get an early warning system so that you have the inside track on what deals have been won or lost as they happen. See how that changes the sales forecast and therefore your P&L and Cashflow forecasts immediately. Join us to see how you can collaborate without making it a fulltime job.


Integrated P&L, Cashflow and Balance Sheet Forecasting Tuesday 11th December 2pm

You make a change to your P&L budget or forecast – and then what? Isn’t it sensible that your debtors and creditors automatically update? That the bank balance goes up or down? That stock changes? That your overdraft headroom becomes a bit more comfortable or a little more squeezed? If your budgeting and forecasting aren’t integrated, then how do you sleep easy at night? Join us to find out how to integrate your P&L, Cashflow and Balance Sheet



There are limited spaces for each Webinar, so don’t delay!

And don’t forget some of these Webinars may be of interest to your colleagues so why not send this webpage to them and they too can take this great opportunity to improve their forecasting and budgeting.


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