Innovar Training Feedback

At Innovar, the feedback from our delegates is very important to us. We encourage feedback which helps us evolve our training material, delivery and consultant development. Recent feedback includes;

“The instructor was enthusiastic about Anaplan and helped to explain how what we were doing in the training could be applied to our particular business. The method of delivery of the training was excellent and constantly engaging and I would definitely recommend this course, especially if led by our instructor, to any of my colleagues who were interested in learning about Anaplan”. RB

“Really helpful course on mentality changes required to use Anaplan effectively”. DW


“The instructor did a great job; he kept it interesting, moved at great pace, and was able to consistently look to reference the training to our company’s industry and approaches”. KT


“Our instructor explained things clearly and answered all our question so we could grasp what Anaplan does and how it can help our business. I hope we get to work with him in the future”. ST


“Really helpful and informative training – am feeling confident to go forwards within my role as an Anaplan user”. PG


“The course was fantastic, I came away feeling very positive, enthusiastic to put what I had learnt to good use when back in my role. The course was easy to grasp, everything was explained clearly and I didn’t feel at any point that it was too overwhelming. The instructor was superb; patient, clear and knew his stuff! I would recommend 100%, I’ve done a few training courses and this was by far the best experience I’ve had”. CG


97% of delegates would recommend their instructor.

96% would recommend this course to a colleague in need of this information.

Survey of 28 delegates Dec 2016- Jun 2017