Planning Healthchecks


Businesses need to continually improve their competitive advantage. To do this every company needs to assess its strengths and areas for improvement and it is important that planning and reporting systems and processes form part of this assessment.

Whatever planning and reporting solution you have it is no different to so many other things in life: lovely and shiny and new when it comes out of the box but over time…? We MOT our cars, make a trip to the dentist, even take ourselves off to the surgery for the odd health check and for each of these we seek advice from experts. So why should you treat your business planning and reporting process any different? There are also so many different issues and elements involved in a system health check it makes sense to leave it someone who knows what they are doing and this is where we come in – Innovar, the planning experts!

Do you have concerns about your planning, budgeting and forecasting process. Is it running as effectively and  efficiently as it could be? Or would you like reassurance that there are no underlying problems and it has a clean bill of health? A health check is an essential and relatively small  investment  to enable you to assess your business processes.

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