Product Selection Services

If you are about to start your selection process for a planning product, then may we wish you good luck…



The path you are about to take is unique to you and your organisation. No other organisation performs exactly the same way that yours does, even if they are in exactly the same sector, because they will have different geographical issues, or cultural factors, and totally different people. No other organisation has the same blend of people as yours, each person with their own unique set of skills and personalities.

Choosing the right product for your organisation is therefore always a new challenge and it will always be fraught with danger. We suspect that you haven’t bought many planning packages before. We also suspect that you haven’t had to scope one out before. Perhaps you have ideas already, but we are betting that most of those ideas are really a list of things that you didn’t like with your old planning package, or Excel.


This is where Innovar can help. We can provide the experience that you need to:

  • Help you draw up a specification
  • Help you prioritise your requirements
  • Explain the consequences of the decisions you make
  • Help you evaluate any software really thoroughly


We can also help you get the most out of potential vendors, arranging working pilots or proofs of concepts, so that you make a decision on actual product features and not smoke and mirror presentations.

Of course, by taking us up on this service, we have to rule ourselves out of selling you a planning package, but that is only fair if we want to give you our best, impartial advice.