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Established in 2008 as a specialist planning company, Innovar are the Planning Experts. And that’s not a claim we make lightly. At Innovar we are all experienced planning consultants who have implemented planning solutions hundreds of times across numerous industries and sectors. We all come from financial backgrounds so we have a fundamental understanding of the issues and pressures that all finance departments are under.

Between us we have over 50 years of planning implementation experience. We don’t claim to have seen it all before, although very little surprises us these days, but we do realise that each company is a unique blend of the specific business that they conduct, along with the skills and personalities of the staff in that company and the phase that the company is in. Even if Innovar had implemented a planning solution at a company that did exactly what your company does, the mix of people and the timing would dictate that the projects were very different. It is up to us, here at Innovar, to adapt to every company and to your unique requirements so that every project we undertake is a real partnership.


In 2010 we decided to use our expertise to offer even more to our customers and as a result we now offer Anaplan, Performance Canvas and Cognos Planning solutions. This is part of our dedication to being at the forefront of the best the industry has to offer and to making sure that we are experts in the delivery. So who are we? We are all the missing ingredients that you need in order to implement a world-class planning system that works effectively, efficiently and effortlessly.

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