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If you’re looking for further information on Anaplan features or simply need to know the answer to, “How do I…?” then you’ve come to the right place.

Our catalogue of video demos presented by our team of accredited and experienced consultants is designed to do just that. We believe in helping you get the most out of your solution so if you can’t find what you’re looking for then get in touch!

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How Innovar use Anaplan to submit, approve and produce company expenses and invoices – includes integration with Outlook and Excel

Using the modes in LAG and LEAD

Using conditional formatting to guide the end user and understand your data

Using filters to extract key data and drive bespoke processes

Take the first step in understanding how you can utilise line item subsets and the COLLECT() function in Anaplan to quickly create powerful reporting modules and What If analysis.

Take your understanding of how you can use Line Item Subsets and the COLLECT() function a step further for sophisticated mappings and lookups.

A short introduction to what exactly a numbered list is – the first in a series around numbered lists and associated functionality.

Learn how and when to use the Create action in Anaplan with a numbered list.

Gain a better understanding of subsets and subsidiary views and how they can enhance your Anaplan models.