Ask a silly question

You’ve got the data – but I’ve got the answers

Most organisations have huge amounts of data within their systems but are using just a fraction of it. This is true of User Identity Data. Within your systems, files hold all the data about who can do what, see what, transact what and control what others can do. But it mainly lies there doing nothing useful.

Some companies start using analytics software, and interesting reading it is too. Who knew that Frank in IT could see all the payroll data. Who in their right mind let Frank see all the Payroll data. Does anyone know if Frank is actually able to change the Payroll data? But apart from explaining why Frank is always in either a bad mood or the Bahamas, the amount of benefit a typical company can glean from using analytics software over their Identity Data is extremely low. That doesn’t surprise me because the volume of data churned out is vast and without any plan for how to make use of this data, the project usually fizzles out.

To find a better answer, ask a better question?

Try asking: In each department, who should I be worried about?

Idax will produce a report for each department showing a list of the employees, with a rating of between 0 and 10, with 0 being nothing to worry about, and 10 setting off major alarm bells. The list is ranked, colour coded, has room for comments to be added, and will drive the department manager to investigate further by drilling down into which actual permissions the employee has that look like anomalies. The manager then flags the changes that should be made, and Idax either makes the changes or creates a ticket for your IT department to make the changes.

Month 1, you tell all department managers to tackle any employee permissions issues with an 8 or above rating.  Month 2, you tell them to tackle the 6 or above ratings. Idax will drive that change, rather than produce a report and hope someone spots something useful or worrying.

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