Adaptive Insights Webinar – Where does Excel fit into your planning process?

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Date(s) - 21/05/2018
2:00 pm - 2:45 pm

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Introducing Adaptive Insights – Planning without compromise

25th May 2018 – 10am

If the answer to my question is that Excel is your planning process, then you have reason to be very worried. But for most organisations, a reliance on Excel is standard practise. After all, it has excellent reporting capabilities and is easy to format and produce stunning graphs.

Rather than fight against Excel and try and banish it from your process altogether, what we should be doing is asking if there is a better way to plan that utilises the good bits of Excel. Why not use it for the outputs but rely on an expert planning platform that handles the big data number-crunching and modelling that your organisation requires, in a secure and stable way. Set up your report pack in Excel just once, and then simply tell it which month you are reporting on, and hey presto, your new report pack is ready in 5 minutes. That is just 5 minutes every month.

If that sounds beyond you, don’t worry, help is at hand. I will show you how to do exactly this. Join me for a 45-minute webinar and I will show you how to marry an expert planning platform with Excel to get the most out of both.

Adaptive Insights is that world class planning platform, specially designed by an ex-Finance Director, to make planning easier, quicker and so much more powerful that Excel, but able to harness Excel’s brilliant reporting capabilities so you get the best of all worlds. It is cloud software, so no nasty expensive servers to buy, maintain and keep updated, so you get to concentrate on building great budgeting and forecasting models, produce informative dashboards, create attractive report packs in Excel but spend most of your time analysing the numbers rather than wasting your time on the process.

Register and join us for this quick introduction. Invest 45 minutes and discover how to save hours or days every month preparing forecasts and analysis and how to save days or weeks every year creating annual budgets.


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