FAQ for solutions that work for your business

“I know my spreadsheets aren’t the most efficient method of planning for my business but moving to a specialist EP solution seems like a big investment,both in terms of time and money. How can Innovar help me move forward?”

You’re right. It is an investment and Innovar cannot ultimately make a business decision for you. However, we can offer to carry out a Proof of Concept on your own data and discuss with you how long an implementation will take and what this translates into both in terms of the human and financial resource. With Innovar you will be implementing the planning system that is right for you, knowing up front how long it will take and how much it will cost.

“Can Innovar support my application once my consultancy period is over?”

Absolutely! By choosing to work with Innovar, the purchase and implementation of the software is only the beginning of the relationship. We offer comprehensive application and technical support via telephone, email and interactive meeting applications that help us get to the root of your problem as quickly as possible. We then work with you to resolve it with minimum fuss so you can get back to business. If you have a query about our support offerings or would like to discuss transferring your support contract to Innovar then please contact us.

“Our business is already an existing user of IBM/Anaplan/Board. Can Innovar still help us with our application requirements?”

Yes we can. We have many customers who are long terms users of one of the EP platforms we support and although they did not originally purchase the software from Innovar we have provided their services and support for many years. Contact us to find out how our professional service offerings can help your business.

“Do you offer ad-hoc product/model/application review services?”

Yes. You do not have to be an existing customer to take advantage of the review and healthcheck services we offer, and neither is there pressure or expectation to then make further investments. We offer comprehensive model healthchecks and spreadsheet reviews – visit the Services section of our website to find out more.