Insider Threat

Insider threat – how vulnerable are you?

How certain are you that access to your precious data, systems and assets has been assigned on a “least privilege” principle? How do you measure your insider threat risk?

With hundreds or even thousands of employees, with collective access to hundreds of thousands of assets, this is clearly not a manual process. Let me turn the problem on its head. What if I could show you a way of identifying the 90% of entitlements that are not showing any risk. Then I can flag up the 65% of managers who do not have any issues to investigate. That huge, nebulous task just got a lot smaller.

Idax, our genius Identity Analytics software, looks for anomalies in your access data. It looks at the access an employee has and compares it to the access of their colleagues in the same department and in a similar role. Looking for these outliers is left to the clever algorithm within Idax, and all access rights are given a risk ranking from 1 to 10 (10 being a very high level of risk). Then reports are distributed to each manager to investigate just those high-risk issues within their department.

I don’t believe in asking anyone to take a leap of faith. You need to see Idax in operation to believe it. Even then, we know that to trust it really would work for your organisation, you would want to see it in action, using your data, installed on one of your laptops, identifying real access anomalies that need rectifying as soon as possible.

My offer to you

Get someone from your department to spend 20 minutes looking at Idax on a web-demo with me. Just 20 minutes, of someone else’s time. Not a huge first step. If they are suitably impressed, then perhaps they can convince you to do the same. Then, if you are impressed, and I know you will be, we can discuss doing a pilot project of just 3 days to install Idax on a machine of your choice, load your access data into it, and let Idax flag up any anomalies that it can find in your data. Only then will you know whether Idax could help you control your insider threat. What have you got to lose?

Book that 20-minute web demo today. Call 0844 870 0083 or email me at