Helping you plan…better


Implementing planning solutions is what we do. But we know that it isn’t what you do. Therefore we work with you to help you implement a planning solution that suits you and your company. We work in partnership with you and we help enable you to be self-sufficient as soon as you possibly can be. We figure that you probably don’t want to have to rely on anyone else to control your budgets or forecasts.

  • We listen to what you want.
  • Through listening we then aim, not only to understand what you want but just as importantly, why you want it.
  • Together, we will work out an implementation plan that will achieve that result.
  • If you have the time and resource free to work on the project, we will use those skills to decrease the time you will need from us. But quite  simply, if you don’t, then we will do more of the work for you.

Remember that what you bring to the project is the business knowledge and the understanding of what you want to achieve and this is every bit as important as the software, planning, budgeting and forecasting experience and product knowledge that we bring to the project. Only together can we succeed.


What services do we provide?


We help improve planning, forecasts and budgets in a number of ways. Sometimes we offer limited advice so that an organisation can change the way they plan, budget and forecast in a small way that produces big results. Sometimes we rip out the existing planning process and start over. Sometimes we recommend new planning software that enables a more robust, inclusive planning approach, while other times we simply tweak the way you do a few tasks each month to reach the same goal. All of that depends on what needs to change to help you get your desired results. We offer a selection of software solutions, all best of breed, and each one addressing different issues:



Implementation Consultancy


Project Management

Product Selection Services

Planning Healthcheck

Spreadsheet Healthcheck

Planning Gurus