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Management Practices

Planning Techniques








Customer Success: Rentokil

Choose Anaplan over Excel

Innovar take leading role in Anaplan development

One little button

Planning in a land down under

Sales forecasting – Should I bother?


Management Practices


Forecasting: It’s the thought that counts

Retaining knowledge and experience

Language really does matter!

Making the right choice

Planning to change?

Staying in control

The best advice about planning

The secrets of success

What’s in your toolkit?

Aaagh! Where’s my data gone?

Meeting short term and long term goals

Asking the right questions

Statistics! What do you really mean?

Who owns the forecast?



Planning Techniques

Balancing technology with human input

Budgets: Are you going through the motions?

Collaboration: A two way street

Driver Based Planning

Using Historic Data

Planning ahead

Review your planning processes

Spring is here – Take a good look

The Art of Communication

Three practices to improve your planning & forecasting

Who is your trusted planning adviser?

Planning in the energy industry

What should I put in my forecasting policy?


Cloud computing concept – connect to cloud. .


Using the cloud for spending visibility and control

Who’s afraid of the cloud?





Balancing technology with human input

It’s time to take on technology

Virtual insanity: Too much technology?




Are you in denial where your spreadsheets are concerned?

Breaking up with Excel

Is it worth it?

Spreadsheet nightmares: Part I

Spreadsheet nightmares: Part II

Are your spreadsheets up to the job?