Implementation Consultancy


What makes a successful implementation? The answer to this one could be extremely long-winded, but in truth it really doesn’t need to be. When it comes down to the mechanics of any project the nuts and bolts are always the same.

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•    Teamwork: In our experience, projects are the most successful when you get involved in the actual building of the solution. We will guide you along the way to ensure that you are getting the most out of the software but our expertise needs your input. Key to success is our belief that implementation is a partnership with customer involvement every step of the way. Even if you have the desire to implement, but no free resource, and we do the leg-work for you, success takes 2!

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•    A plan (and the experience to make it a reality): A detailed project scope can never account for every eventuality but the better the plan the more assured the outcome. And again this is where our years of experience will guide you, because when the unexpected happens, you can rest assured that we’ve probably seen it before and can get the project right back on track.


•    Flexibility: Here at Innovar we’re no yoga experts, but we do understand the importance of being flexible when it comes to achieving a successful implementation. It could be flexibility regarding resource or regarding expectations. But we are there to be just as flexible and to guide you on exactly what it is possible to achieve – and to make sure we achieve it together.


Implementation Methodology

For Innovar, consistency is key. You will meet your consultant prior to beginning any work on your project and they will be there from the scope, throughout the build, all the way until you are ready to sign-off on a successful completion.

Our steps to success are:

  • A comprehensive project scope: This allows us to fully understand what you want and when you need it by. In understanding this and your business we can work together with you effectively and efficiently. The scope document that is produced after this meeting is the all-important project roadmap that guides the team to completion.
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    Up-to-date and timely documentation: A scope is only the beginning of the implementation journey and tracking the progress and any changes along the way is vitally important. That is why any work done for you by Innovar is documented and distributed to all team members following completion. Any consultancy visits are recorded in Consultancy Progress Reports that document, not only what has been completed during the visit, but any next actions which should take place before your consultant is next onsite. This ensures the project stays on track and on time.

  • Project Management / Review days: If you require our Project Management services these are integrated into your consultancy to provide an all-important overview of your project status. Alternatively your consultant will always suggest Review meetings at milestone points in the project with the key personnel to make sure that we are still on the track to success.