Spreadsheet Health Check

Do you have spreadsheets that form part of your budgeting, forecasting,  planning and reporting solution?  They start life shiny and new, fit for purpose, and ready to help you solve some crisis or other. But then, without you really noticing, the original crisis over and new ones coming and going all of the time, that perfect solution to yesterday’s crisis isn’t quite what you need. You can’t quite put your finger on it, there have been so many minor adjustments and tweaks to it that remembering exactly where everything is and how it functions can be a problem, but it doesn’t quite work the way you need it to.

We MOT our cars, make a trip to the dentist, even take ourselves off to the surgery for the odd health check and for each of these we seek advice from experts. So why should you treat your spreadsheets any different?

Would you like to know that your spreadsheets are running as effectively and efficiently as they could be?  What is the cost of your spreadsheets failing? Financial costs? Operational costs? What about the cost of your reputation? Would you like reassurance that there are no underlying problems and they have a clean bill of health? A health check is an essential and relatively small investment to enable you to assess your business processes.

At Innovar we offer a Spreadsheet Health Check service, which enables us, using our planning expertise, to assess your spreadsheets. We provide a thorough investigation of the spreadsheets you are concerned about. We then compile a comprehensive report and make recommendations for any improvements required. Once agreed we can even implement the changes for you.

An Innovar Spreadsheet Health Check will:

  • Check for Consistency – Is the value in thousands, millions, etc.
  • Clarity – where are the sources of data and how are they input into the spreadsheet?
  • Repetition – Are assumptions only entered once and then referred to throughout the spreadsheet
  • Structure – How many worksheets and is all appropriate data in the right place
  • Determine Inputs, Outputs and Processing – are these separate?
  • Use of colour to represent data – What does it mean? Can it be replaced?
  • Complex Formulas – Can they be split out?
  • Documentation – What is there?
  • Version Control – Is this on the spreadsheet?

If you are reliant on spreadsheets in your business and would like to ensure that they are fit for purpose, then contact Innovar today for a no obligation chat and together we can take the first step towards solving your spreadsheet nightmares.