Sometimes Plan to be Different

The BBC have reported “Mobile World Congress: Why do smartphones look so alike?” It seems that since 2007, when the iPhone was first launched, smartphones have tended to follow a similar design i.e  a rectangular rigid product with an almost-all glass front and sleek metal back. So why is this? Is it that this design sells well and suppliers can make a good profit. Is it that suppliers have tried and failed to find an alternative product that can surpass the iPhone design? But do competitors need to try and displace the iPhone? Could they not go for a different, weird and wacky design, that stands out and attracts 1% of the market? 1% of those iPhone billions is still an awful lot of money. Following the trend can be good, but ploughing a different furrow can be a smart move too. Just need to see how those figures stack up in the plan….A few what-if scenarios later and they could determine the next leap forward in the mobile phone market.