Take back control of your access

We can help you control who has access to what in your organisation

Are you responsible for ensuring that every single person within your organisation only has the level of access they require to do their job?

Our Identity Analytics solution, Idax, can give you that control.

Idax collects all your permissions, by employee, and highlights the anomalies for you. It works by comparing each employee’s permissions against their departmental colleagues and against similar roles within your organisation. It will then rank how ‘close’ the permissions are and presents each manager with a ranked risk report showing which employee’s permissions look wrong. It uses complex algorithms to do the clever stuff but presents the anomalies in simple to understand reports and graphics to help you prioritise your next steps.

Implement Idax Identity Analytics and start taking control within 3 days

Once installed on your site, Idax directly links to Active Directory and can accept feeds from other access and HR databases. You can share the relevant departmental results with your department managers via a browser front-end and within 3 days your company can be tackling your access anomalies.

Already successfully used by banks and financial institutions plus one of the Big 4 Accountancy firms to prioritise which permissions needed to be reviewed so they could quickly clean up their access issues and then stay on top of them.

Keeping on top of access control is vital

More damage could be caused to your company by giving the wrong access to your Twitter account than your bank account. With disparate systems using different permissions databases, you simply don’t have the time or tools to tackle such a task. Even if that were ever completed, dealing with employee starters, leavers and movers remains a huge headache every single month.

If you would like to see how Idax works, then simply request a 20-minute web demo and we will demonstrate how you could take back control of your organisation’s access and permissions. Do that right now by calling me on 0844 870 0083 or email me at