Paul Baron

Paul has worked in finance departments for many years both as an accountant and as a Finance Director. He moved into software implementation with Cap Gemini. Here he implemented various Planning and Business Intelligence solutions into a wide variety of companies across Europe.

He has implemented planning and budgeting systems for over 14 year. He has worked in a range of different size companies across a broad spectrum of industries.

As an accountant, Paul reviewed, chose, bought and implemented new systems and understands the problems that large projects can cause to a business, especially if the consultancy partners are unsuitable and he cannot understand why companies don’t demand to meet their prospective consultants before starting a project. That way the company can make sure that the consultant has the product skills, experience and drive necessary to make the project a success along with a compatible personality which will make the project more pleasurable for everyone to work on.

Paul is an experienced Board Director and has seen the budget and forecast process operate end to end and has witnessed how easy it can be for disconnects between strategy and operations. He also understands how robust budget and forecast systems can alleviate this.