Have you thought about the planning that goes into every commercial flight?

As a planning organisation I was very interested in the article on the BBC website “Kuala Lumpa – Singapore named busiest international air route.” It got me to thinking not just about this specific route but about the amount of planning that must go into every flight be it domestic or international. As well as the planes themselves that must be kept in good working order, there are the logistics of sorting out the crew to fly and manage the plane. Then there are the passengers and their requirements including food and on-board entertainment. Added to that there must be a whole host of planning to get all the checked in luggage to the correct destination. The mind simply boggles with the amount of information needed to manage all this. I am pleased to say some Airlines have adopted Anaplan to help with their planning but whatever systems are being used I hope, next time I am at an airport I do not have to go to lost luggage  as there is an error in a spreadsheet somewhere.